About us


a daily Hanbok brand, is operated by ChimaJeogori Seoul Co., Ltd.
which is a specialized clothing company of daily Hanbok located in Seoul, South Korea.


We make comfortable clothing that reflects both traditional Korean and modern sensibilities working in tandem together to create a harmony that builds on a cultural legacy and reflects current lifestyles. Beginning with a traditional hanbok design, we decided after careful planning to introduce new products designed with exciting modern sensibilities. We are always researching new ways to make our clothing more comfortable and to remain at the cutting edge of fashion while honouring our heritage.


We strive to ensure all of our clothing is made only with the finest materials and are carefully crafted so that they can be worn all day comfortably in any environment or workplace.

We design and create all of our products in-house. Our team of professional employees and designers work at our research institute carefully selecting materials and preparing them for distribution. We take pride in our products being 100% ‘Made in Korea’.